DIYnet enables you to keep your website looking interesting and fresh, without the hard work of having to learn technical skills and programming. The DIYnet editor doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. It has been designed for users at the most basic level.

You can modify your site as frequently as you require and manage most of the files (pictures and information) that are displayed on your site. The only thing you can’t change are items in the template (the basic architecture of the site).

Using DIYnet you can update your site directly from virtually any computer that has Internet access – anytime and anywhere in the world!

Requirements and settings

To edit your website using the online editor, you must be on a PC or Macintosh computer and you must be connected to the internet. You do not need any special software or plugins. DIYnet simply works with a regular web browser like Firefox.


DIYnet will work quite well with most versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer but it’s highly recommended you use Firefox. Some versions of Internet Explorer can be problematic. Firefox is a much better and more secure browser. If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer – please download it now (it’s free) from:

Logging in

To start creating your website, you need to log into your account. Each user is given their own username, and password. Your username will be your email address. Other people may know your username but you should keep your password confidential so as to not enable anyone else to access your files. (Your username and password will be assigned to you by DIYnet).

Please keep it in a safe place!
To get started go to: (note: no www.)
You will then be prompted to enter in your username and password.

Please note: If you didn't receive your password by email or if you lose it - use the "Recover password" button on the login box to have your password emailed to you.