The Business Planning Kit

You will find the The Business Planning Kit tremendously useful in helping you formulate a comprehensive plan for your business. It will also save you a massive amount of time by providing you with things like pre-formatted Excel® Spread Sheets for projecting your cash flow and easy to follow Word® templates. (templates work on both PC or Mac)

You will also receive examples of what a good business plan should look like and details of what to include in your plan — as well as simple and easy to follow directions to guide you through the process step by step.

The end result will be a professional looking presentation you can take to a financier to seek finance — plus a practical business plan to help you grow and develop your business and keep it on track.

What the Business Planning Kit Contains:

  • Templates you can use to construct your own plan *
  • Templates for cash flow sheets (in Excel) — pre-formatted to help you calculate your cash flow projections
  • Blank cash flow sheets
  • A sample of a comprehensive business plan
  • Full instructions and guidelines for each step of the process

The plan is divided into three stages as follows:

STAGE 1. An Overview

  • Why you need to plan
  • What your plan should contain
  • Details of the various components
  • Setting goals and objectives

STAGE 2. Preparation Stage

  • What your plan should contain
  • Details of the various components
  • Setting goals and objectives

You work through a series of work sheets before proceeding with your final formal business plan. This is where you do your research and gather and analyse the information necessary to develop your plan.

Working through these sheets will help you to focus on the various issues and challenges you are likely to face in your business. These worksheets will form the framework for your actual plan. It covers things like defining your business model, your target market, your market research and feasibility studies for a new business and establishing your goals and objectives.

STAGE 3. The Formal Business Plan

After you have read Stage 1 and completed Stage 2, you will be ready to proceed to Stage 3 – Preparing Your Formal Business Plan. This is the document you will need to present to potential investors or financial institutions, if your project requires funding.

  • Details of the formal business plan
  • Sample of a typical business plan
  • A template for your formal plan

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